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I want my heart back

The answer to translate "Yo como un huevo" in Spanish is grammatically incorrect. My answer of "I'm eating AN egg" is correct, while the given answer of "I'm eating A egg" is wrong.

Screen shot (if it works): https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152367183170719=39d4f8cd59

March 25, 2014



Hi there! It should say 'an'. You can't report directly via the app- you can however send feedback via your settings on the app. I've noted this! Appreciated it.


Well what i would do is if it does this again, have a heart refill ready, because you are saying it right.


Report it. While Duo is an amazing sight, it does have errors in some of the sentences. And the way to let them know that the sentence is incorrect is by reporting it to them.


This is how I reported it. It wasn't until after I had clicked continue that I learned that the flag in the box is for reporting things like this.

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