Hello fellow people of the world. I love learning so many different languages!! But I am not so certain of which other ones would be fun!! I love this site. Perhaps giving me some more ideas would work!

July 14, 2017


I think that instead of learning a lot of different languages at once, you should focus on 1-3 languages. That way you can get much better at them.

Thank you for the advice, but I'm those people who like to multitask. I will take your advice if things get to complicated though! Thanks!! :)

Whatever works for you!

Try one of the Slavic langs (Ukrainian, Polish or Russian). They are very different from the ones you are learning. Give it a shot!

I've tried russian, such a weird one, but interesting. Thank you for your suggestions!! Will try polish, sounds exciting!! :)

The Slavic langs are closely related, so you should find a lot of familiar stuff from Russian.

As a Dutch I would suggest Dutch of course! ;) If you speak English, apart from the pronunciation, Dutch shouldn't be too hard. Wishing you all the best.

Thank u all for the suggestions!!

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