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Duolingo Plus: Downloading Skills

Anyone who subscribed ever succeeded in downloading a skill for offline use? I thought it might be a good idea to do so before vacation although it is actually way too expensive (10,99€/month) - and guess what, it didn't work. Learning ad-free is nice but not absolutely necessary so the only cool thing about that too expensive subscription does not work. Nice. I hope I'll get a response to my bug report otherwise I want my money back. (First they made me stop using duolingo on the iPad with that ridiculous Health feature and now that... sigh)

July 14, 2017



Can you tell us what didn't work?


I was trying to download Hebrew skills, didn't work. It worked for Dutch and Spanish though. If it shouldn't work for Hebrew at all that'd be a pity because that is the language I'm actually focussing on and there is no hint at all that it doesn't work for certain languages. :(


It also doesn't work for Hungarian.


Thank you for letting us know! We're investigating this, and have refunded your payment!


Yeah, I might use it as my wifi is slower than I could possibley imagine, on which device os this for?


I think it should work for iOS and Android devices if I'm not mistaken? As mentioned above I'm not using the iPad anymore so this is for my Android phone. I couldn't find any documentation or anything about that anywhere in the app or on the website - for example how many storage space a skill needs or if there are any prerequisites but still thought let's try it, they're advertising it, so it should work... well, we'll see.


Thanks, I have An IOS, Android and a PC and I can not find these in app purchases anywhere


I'm pretty sure they removed the health system. I may be wrong though.


They removed it. (I THINK.)


its still there when you try to test out


You are confusing "Hearts" (test out) with "Health" (IOS)


it's still there.

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