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  5. "I am very hungry."

"I am very hungry."

Translation:Я дуже хочу їсти.

July 14, 2017



I had this as a question on a practice session and I put Я дуже голодний as the answer but it marked it wrong even though when I tapped on ‘hungry’ to get a translation that was the word it gave me. Can’t make the website give me that question again so I can’t comment in that thread. It said the right answer was я дуже кочу їсти.” Is this an error in the app or did I miss something?


Hmm, just checked, "Я дуже голодний" is accepted since at least 6 months (last edit). I also copy-pasted the exact sentence in your comment and checked in in the "text box", it was marked as green. So it's not a problem of some character encoding it seems... I really don't know why it wasn't accepted then :/


Yeah the next time I put i5 in it worked. I think sometimes the website glitches. :) Thank you!


Я дуже голодний приймається


The translation is wrong. I am hungry should be "я дуже холодна". Your translation means, "I really want to eat".

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