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"Cina este pe cuptor."

Translation:The dinner is on the oven.

1 year ago



'Dinner is on the oven' does not make sense in British English. I think this should be 'in the oven' but my Romanian is not good enough to know if this translation would work.

1 year ago

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I know it doesn't make much sense, but that's what the Romanian sentence means (i.e. the dinner is on the oven). Maybe the course authors made these vexing sentences on purpose, to check whether users are paying attention to prepositions or something...

Just for info: "The dinner is in the oven" = "Cina este în cuptor".

1 year ago


An oven is a cooking compartment. A stove is a cooking surface. A stove on top of an oven in the same device is a range. Rather than accept "on the oven" it should accept "on the stove" or at least "on the range" but the latter is not really used.

My Romanian wife (when speaking english) calls the whole thing the "cooking machine" to avoid the uncertainty.

5 months ago

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Ugh. Ten months and DL hasn't fixed this sentence. Yeesh!

3 months ago