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Otomí/Hñatho Language

Spoken by around 240,000 people, Otomí is an important native language of Mexico. The Otomís are said to have inhabited central Mexico since long before the Nahuas entered the region.

The Otomís are a fascinating people with a long history, and many still hold onto their ancient traditions and religion. The Otomís may have been among the first peoples to cultivate many of the New World plants like tomatoes and chocolate, which are now consumed all over the world.

On a personal level, my girlfriend's family is of Otomí origin, and learning this beautiful language would help me to connect better to her and to her family.


Another song

July 14, 2017



Sure, I like chocolate and pretty languages


Otomí can give you both, by the way the Otomí word for chocolate is de̱ju (can't get the right character here, but there's a line under that u)


de̠ju̠, there you go


I had thought that they were called "ñañu" and not "Hñatho". Either way, I would absolutely love to see this language on Duolingo.


There are variations between dialects (not huuuuuuge variations, but still variations). The names that they call their language seem to vary a lot, but this is because, as I understand it, some groups call the language a version of 'speaking' and some a version of 'good' (like 'the language of the good people')


Ñañu is the name of the otomis from mexico state Hñähñu is the most universal way to call them which something like "our speech" And hñätho is used for the people, but can also be used for the language

[deactivated user]

    Languages like this are very useful for work in the public sector as well. I have known a couple of social workers here in the states and learning a Native American language can open up entirely new doors on who you can help and what you can experience. People fail to realize how many elderly people born in t his country don't know English.


    In my grandmother's house they predominantly spoke Otomi; I grew up learning basics of the language, but have forgotten everything. It would be so cool if Duolingo were to add Otomi to their selection of languages!


    Duolingo must add Otomi as a language to learn same with Nāhuatl, Cachiquel & Kekechi to some extent (probably not going to), Miskito, Garífuna, Totonaca & Huasteca. Glad they are going to add Quiche & Yucatec Maya, disappointed cuz they added High Valyrian & Klingon which are made up languages & pointless to learn & Esperanto has no native speakers or is a national or even minority language anywhere (I may be wrong). Damn I speak too long & yes I am half indigenous veracruzano (other half Middle Eastern)


    Otomi is a language oO, I know the name from an age of empires 2 mod.


    I love this excerpt so much I am giving you all lingots

    [deactivated user]

      Mexico has a fascinating mix of Spanish and indigenous cultural influences. Adding indigenous languages of Mexico would be great.


      I am partly otomi and I would love to preserve some of my heritage. I love this post so much you all get lingots.


      Doulingo would be an excellent tool to learn Otomí.

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