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Finished German Tree - Next Steps...

Big props to DuoLingo! I hear and see things that could be added to improve the site, but the resources that are already here are amazing! The incorporation of vocab sets, grammar sets, listening, speaking, reading, writing all with a discussion board puts so much utility in one place!

I bought Rosetta Stone years ago to try to parlay the incremental Spanish I had learned in school into a real second language. After a few months of stop-and-go, I gave up.

On a whim a couple of months ago, I wondered whether there might be a free online language learning site - enter DuoLingo. My employer recently acquired companies in Germany and Belgium, so I figured I'd give German a shot. I can't express how impressed and grateful I am.

After studying for a little under two months, I have a working ability to read and comprehend the German language. Compared to several years of intermittent exposure to Spanish with limited success, I am ecstatic.

Next steps:

First, I'm going to keep my tree nice and polished. I'm also going to construct a matrix of trees for myself - next I'll complete Spanish, then French. From there I'll switch to German and complete the three trees from that side, etc.

That should last a few years, but after cruising discussion boards for the last few weeks, I've collected a list of other online resources as well (just in case!). Admittedly I've used none, so I can't proffer any opinions. For reference to anyone interested:

Memrise Clozemaster DW Top-Thema Fluenz Anki Glossika Yabla Mango Hello Lingo Lingvist

Thank you all for your participation on this site! Watching others take joy in learning language and interacting over that interest has really helped me enjoy the process. And thanks to DuoLingo for making something really great!


July 14, 2017



Get to level 25 and then do a reverse tree..


I finished the tree on lvl 14 and with 63% fluency after 4 years. I've already started at the reverse tree and I'm already learning new things. I also recommend you try to find a native german speaker who's interested in improving their English. Me myself, I'm lucky enough to have a girlfriend in Germany who helps me a lot with improving my vocabulary and grammar.

Also I recommend you get something to read, it really really helps, way more than watching news and tv shows. Of course do watch German tv as it will help you improve your listening skills.

That's pretty much all the tips I got for you, good luck learning!


Repetition is key so keep that tree shiny!


All those discussions about how to improve your learning abilities but there are none to find about how to get a german girlfriend. Any tips and tricks haha ?


Haha I guess luck was on my side. I managed to impress her with the sentence "ich liebe Bäume". Please don't try this, it's not a very effective pickup phrase in Germany. Do the flirting course here on duolingo haha, cheesiness on it's best.


I will definitely keep that in mind. I will try my best to learn all the flirting lines on Duolingo course. Never thought that would come in handy one day haha.


Thanks for the suggestions! I already have 41 sections to regild from the weekend, so I'm far from finished with English>German. I plan to wait until finishing Spanish and French to learn reverse/cross trees from German to each of them (and English).


Wow, I'm impressed. Congratulations on your achievement! I've been working on German since January, and still have a long way to go to get to the end of the tree.


Goodness I started at the begining of the summer and my fluency keeps going down!?


Not sure what it is about the fluency metric; I've had that happen to me a few times. I'd like to believe my fluency is as high as Duo says it is right now, but I know better (chuckle). Maybe I'm getting some of your fluency points via a programming glitch?

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