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Recognizing JackMartian, Knudvaneeden, and Pentaan, for dedication and help in all discussions.

I would like to recognize JackMartian, Knudvaneeden, and Pentaan, for all of their help in discussions constantly.

JackMartian: I see JackMartian as being on Duolingo almost 24/7, and always in the discussions. Although at times he may be wrong and is corrected, he takes it as a learning experience and is not discouraged from helping others in discussions. He is always seen from discussion to discussion trying to give all he knows on the said question or statement, and helping in anyway he can. I would like to thank him for his determination.

Knudvaneeden: For his effort and hard work in giving all us us thousands of links to use around the internet in the language we are learning, and putting them into a single discussion. It takes a lot of time, and I would like to thank him for his effort.

Pentaan: Although not seen as much, when he comes into the discussions, he makes up for the time he wasn't here to go from this discussion to another discussion, trying to help. Half the time he is seen providing links to other discussions or site, in hopes of answering someone else's question. That takes time, and requires patience. Pentaan cannot be seen as lazy whatsoever. I would like to thank him for his patience and hard work for getting links to people like me who should already know the answer too.

Please give them a big thumbs up too these three people, and congratulate them on their hard work. Also, congratulations go too all mods without even needing mention, because their work here is the hardest.

Please give them a big thumbs up too these three people, to congratulate them on their hard work.

If you keep it up, you may be recognized someday too. Thanks to everyone!

July 14, 2017



Thanks to all of you that have been mentioned :)

It's great to see such an positive/appreciative post!


I cannot thank Jellei (Marek) enough for his near immediate, thorough responses to my Polish questions. I have always been impressed by his readiness and consistently helpful replies.



I feel like none of them are going to show up, because their too modest, :).


You read my mind! Thanks so much for the appreciative post. Everyone does an awesome job!


excellent work! I enjoy Knudvaneeden's posts, and will be happy to find Pentaan and JackMartian too.

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