"El nu înșală pe mine!"

Translation:He does not deceive me!

July 14, 2017



a înșela

sing.: înșel înșeli înșală

pl.: înșelăm înșelați înșală

July 14, 2017


What's with all the exclamation marks in the Romanian sentences? Has anybody else noticed, they're everywhere.

July 22, 2017


My guess is, that this may be a choice of the course makers to add some emotion. With a regular full stop, even in Englisch, this example would have a different meaning, like "In fact, he does not deceive me." (unlikely as a neutral assertion) rather than "Believe me that he doesn't deceive me! ". So here is a short hand for an implicit imperative (which we haven't covered yet, but which warrants an exclamation mark), and it saves us a conjunction "that" + subclause (which would be also more advanced). I'm fine with it (./!)

July 23, 2017
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