Weekly Progress email always show 0xp

The Duolingo Weekly progress emails always show 0xp even though I do Duolingo every day

These emails are would be very useful if they showed the correct data. I'm not sure how this error is occurring but it needs to be fixed.

July 14, 2017


That is pretty crazy. The only thing I could offer besides that of an glitch (obviously), is that the email gets to you late after the new week has actually started, since it only a couple hours difference.


Maybe the email fixes itself after the week has started. Example: You receive the email, and at that point, it says you have 904 XP. However you don't read the email for a couple of hours (and it says I quote *"You only have a couple of hours left), and when the new week starts, the email fixes itself to say you have 0 XP. That is when you read it.

If it's not possible for any of those to happen, then it is probably an obvious glitch. That is all I have to offer, but I hope it helped.

Also, if it keeps up, I would report a bug.

July 15, 2017

Someone on Reddit had the idea that it might just show xp from new skills, rather than practising excising skills. This might have some truth to it, as it says I only got 30 xp last week, which is definitely not true, but I did spend a lot of time strengthening old skills last week.

September 22, 2018
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