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Good resources/books to learn Greenlandic?

I used the Memrise course https://www.memrise.com/course/761171/greenlandic-for-beginners-kalaallisut/ which is pretty good as someone pretty much just copied a book, but if you go to the wikipedia page for Greenlandic it's obvious that that Memrise course covers very little Greenlandic grammar. So what are some more intermediate/in depth Greenlandic courses? Kisianni kalaallisummik unamit atuarpungaa (Honestly I have no clue if that's right)

July 14, 2017



This course seems to have a bit more grammar than the one you posted (which doesn't even appear to teach any transitive forms), although sadly it was abandoned by its creator before getting very far.

Fortescue's grammar is the only English book I've had the chance to peruse. There is also this book published by Lincom, although it is very thin and expensive; it, too, is descriptive. The only pedagogic books seem to be in Danish. I have 'Qaagit' but it is practically grammar-free (the audio is worthwhile, however). 'Qanoq' might be worth a try.

There is also this website that sells Greenlandic courses in English and Danish on DVD; they are quite expensive, however, and I've no idea if they're worth the money.


If you're okay with Danish resources, I'd recommend Haandbog i gronlandsk grammatik by Estrid Janussen (an overview of the grammar, organised into small and easy-to-read sections) and Gronlandsk tilhaengsliste by Lise Lennert Olsen and Birgitte Hertling (like a mini dictionary of grammatical suffixes). I bought them both from http://www.atuagkat.com/?lang=uk ; Haandbog i gronlandsk grammatik is under the "Books about Greenlandic" section while Gronlandsk tilhaengsliste is under the "Undervisning" section. They ship from Greenland, so P&P might me a bit pricey, but IMO they're definitely worth the price.

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