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TTS for word boxes

Is it just me or do a lot of the word boxes not pronounce the word when you click on them? I think the pronunciation has been universal in other TTS courses I've done.

I find it ever so much easier to get the words down when I can hear them pronounced individually. I really hope this can be made universal. [Ideally, whole words would also be pronounced in the Japanese sentences, however, that seems like a larger technical hurdle, while the lack of pronunciation in the boxes seems more like a bug.]

July 15, 2017



This has been getting slightly better with app updates (at first, even ですwasn't pronounced). Hopefully that means that they're working on it.


Hey garpike I won the race to level 25 :p


I had entirely forgotten about that; well done!


Danke! It took a lot of work. Now I'm going for it in Spanish. 9700 XP to go, takes a long time.

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