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"Un jour, je parlais avec lui."

Translation:Once I was speaking with him.

March 7, 2013



If it was an action that was only performed once, shouldn't it be the passe compose?


You are right, or there is something missing:

  • un jour, je parlais avec lui quand sa femme est arrivée = one day, I was speaking with him when his wife arrived.


I think this is a problem with the entire unit.


Why is "her" not an option for the solution? Lui hover hint includes: him, her, it...?


Only "him" here, meaning = avec + il ("lui" is the stressed form of "il")

With her = avec elle


Sorry, I don't follow your explanation. Could your elaborate?


Stressed pronouns are used as multiple subjects and as indirect objects, after prepositions:

He was speaking with me = il parlait avec moi

He was speaking with you = il parlait avec toi / vous (singular or plural)

You and I were speaking with him = toi et moi parlions avec lui

He and you were speaking with her =lui et toi / vous parliez avec elle

They was speaking with us = il parlait avec nous

I was speaking with them = je parlais avec eux / elles


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