"When is the flight?"

Translation:Wann ist der Flug?

July 15, 2017

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If anyone is wondering, we don't use den here because of the verb sein


Actually, we don't use it because the flight / der Flug is subject of the sentence and hence in German in nominative case.


Questions can trip you up, because the subject is not in the first position. Zum Beispiel: "Wann fährt der Zug ab?"


Atzend and quis_lib_duo are both correct. If you rearrange the question as a declarative sentence it's easy to sort out the cases: Der Flug ist um sieben Uhr. Now Der Flug is in the first position where you expect to see it, and it's clearly nominative. It works with more complicated questions too

Meine (N) Tante schenke meinem (D) Sohn den (A) Fußball. Wem (D) schenke meine (N) Tante den (A) Fußball?

Also, sein is one of a handful of verbs that takes an object in nominative case, others are heißen, bleiben, werden, and scheinen.


WENN ist der Flug? I forgot the difference between wenn and wann? Hilfe bitte! Danke.


wenn = if wann = when

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