I was contemplating spending seven years in Tibet. I was hoping to establish a working understanding of the language (both written and spoken). Offering a Tibetan language program might also garner an interest in this endangered language.

March 7, 2013


Tibetan is an extremely important language! It is the language of the most profound philosophical knowledge of humanity! Please if there is any way we can get a course in it I would be most grateful! Due to the ongoing occupation and genocide of Tibet, the Tibetan language is at risk of dying out and it is very important that any avenue to preserve it in living knowledge be supported.

Well said, Jim. I know many people who agree with us, and would love to study this amazing language. Please consider adding Tibetan to Duolingo!!!!!!

Please!!!! I would LOVE to learn Tibetan through DuoLingo!

I am also interested in learning Tibetan. It would help me with many of my endeavors. If Duo created a Tibetan course, I too believe it would greatly help revive an endangered language. Of course if I can learn some Tibetan on my own accord, I will definitely contribute to an incubation of the course. With hope, we'll see what happens over time.

Yes, I am also interested in a Duolingo course in Tibetan! Thanks....

There are many organizations advocating for and preserving Tibetan culture. I wonder if contacting some of them and encouraging them to put their resources towards creating a Duolingo course would work. It would be a great way to get the language in front of an avid language learning community of a lot of people who otherwise might not learn or even consider it, great way to preserve the language. Anyone interested in teaming up with me to reach out to some Tibetan organizations?

I NEED to learn Tibetan in a more tangible way, this would be beyond perfect.

I am also interesting in learning this language and with the duolingo method would be easy and fast! Lets hope they are going to make it!

i'm intersting to learn tibetan, please create the course.

Duolingo is essentially an Internet application, so the languages it teaches are those that have a big presence on the Net. I don't think Tibetan falls into this category.

Duolingo is building a Klingon course. i believe there are more tibetan speakers then klingon haha

Actually there are many buddhist teachers doing great teachings in the West and many westerners are interested in reading Tibetan teachings for themselves.

I dream of one day, spending the last of my days in Tibet. I would love to be able to learn to speak, read, write and understand Tibetan. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid.

I am all for Tibetan on Duolingo. The past few days I have been leaving posts on different Tibetan-oriented forums. Any information or interest in developing the course will be appreciated. I wonder if it might actually be in development now. Does anyone know?

I would be thrilled to learn the tibetan language!

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