"Riña blēna tēmas."

Translation:The girl pokes the mountains.

July 15, 2017

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It's a good thing that Ser Gregor doesn't have a twin, otherwise this sentence could mean "A girl pokes The Mountains." Very dangerous for Arya, but at least the sentence would make more sense.


The way in which duolingo asks sentences, like the girl does x. a boy does y, is usually pretty weird, because no one speaks like that. But luckily, this is about no one


The infinitive form of the verb is: tēmagon

tēmagon ['teːmagon]

v. to prick, to poke

Rōvon dēmalion rōvi jenti tēmas. — A great throne pokes a great leader.

From Dothraki Wiki: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Vocabulary


Firstly, I know this part of the course is for learning some noun forms, but I try to show the link for Verb Tables from the Wiki in some exercises. I hope to find more information about this verb and more example sentences or exercises. Here, the Wiki is showing the translations and IPA pronunciation.

The ending -agon is the same used for A-stem verbs, but it can be also for Consonant-final verbs. For example, the verb gaomagon ['gaɔ̯magon] (to do) is a Consonant-final verb, and I am guessing if the verb tēmagon is in the same class or A-stems. A very simple difference for Vowel-final verbs: The first person plural is a long -ī.


A-stem verbs have their infinitive in -agon, which is identical to the ending for consonant stems. Therefore they are easy to miss, and care must be taken.




I did not include a verb table link for that word, because I do not know whether it's a nasal stem or an a stem! Maybe ask dedalvs and see if he'll tell us?


Thanks a lot MadLatinist! When I found the tables for verbs or nouns the first time, I could see how fascinating can be all the combinations to form the words. This course and all the materials about HV is tremendous indeed. =)


Thanks for the link MadLatinist! Do you know how we can see questions dedalvs has answered because I tried to find some answers but haven't been able to? Thanks


I don't know of any way to see his comments on duolingo, but for questions about High Valyrian that he's answered on tumblr, you might try https://dedalvs.tumblr.com/tagged/High-Valyrian.


"Pricks", huh? Sounds like there was some interesting off-camera action going on after the "Arya kills the mountain" scene. Needle FTW!


Stabs, maybe?

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