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  5. "Taoba līris."

"Taoba līris."

Translation:The boy is smiling.

July 15, 2017



The infinitive form of the verb is: līrigon

līrigon ['liːɾigon]

v. V-fin. to smile ( < līrigon to smile)

perfect: ilīritan

From Dothraki Wiki: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Vocabulary


Pretty easy to remember if you speak Swedish. līris = (han) ler


How would you say "The boy, it is smiling."? I'm guessing it'd be the exact same but just with a comma. Sorry for the question. I just wonder how a pronoun would change things, for example "The boy, he is smiling." or "The boys, they are smiling". Would "līris" work for all those examples? Thanks!

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