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What is the meaning of 'dran' in this sentence?

  1. What is the meaning of dran in "Die Welt wäre viel besser dran ohne Leute wie er,"?

  2. What is the difference between:

  3. der Fahrstuhl and der Aufzug?

  4. beladen and geladen?
  5. freiwillig and ehrenamtlich?
  6. entschließen and entscheiden?

LG Jason

July 15, 2017



Dran can be translated with off. The world would be better off without him. Not to mention that it is Leute wie ihn.

Fahrstuhl and Aufzug are synonyms when talking about an elevator, but Aufzug also has additional meanings.

Beladen is loading vehicles, geladen usually refers to charging batteries (mobile phones, notebooks) or loading firearms.

freiwillig means voluntarily, which often implies one gets not paid for an activity, but not always. Ehrenamtlich means one does a job for honour and not for money.

Entschließen and entscheiden are synonyms, but entschließen is a bit more listening to your guts and entscheiden more doing a rational decision.


i would describe entschließen/entscheiden different:

entschließen is to decide to do something (without a need to choose between diferent things)

entscheiden is to choose between different options


Now that you mention that I agree with you.

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