About David Peterson's work. PDF + AUDIO

So High Valyrian course is finally on Duolingo. Old Gods be praised.

As I'm sure You're aware, High Valyrian language for Game of Thrones was constructed by David J. Peterson. A talented linguist whose work we have seen on movies and tv shows. He creates artificial languages aka conlangs, constructed languages.

Here's a list.

Game of Thrones - Dothraki, High Valyrian

Defiance - Kastithanu, L'Irathi, Indojisnen, Kinuk'aaz

Thor: The Dark World - Shiväisith

Star-Crossed - Sondiv

Dominion - Lishepus

The 100 - Trigedasleng

Penny Dreadful - Verbis Diablo

The Shannara Chronicles - Noalath

Warcraft: The Beginning - Orcish

Doctor Strange - Nelvayu

Emerald City - Inha, Munja'kin

If you were interested in learning High Valyrian, you might as well be interested in learning other conlangs from your favorite TV shows.

On David's very own website, you can find PDFs and Audio to help you with that.

I recommend to use the following wget command to download everything from /work/ directory.

wget -c -r --no-parent

July 15, 2017


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Praying to the Old Gods and the New for a Trigedasleng course.
Look at these cute animals, praying for Trigedasleng on Duolingo

July 16, 2017

Really looking forward to the Orcish course!

Wow, very impressive! What talent. Duolingo did good to get him to actually help with the Duolingo course. Thanks for the info and links!

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