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"The fishermen want the singers to sing."

Translation:Những ngư dân muốn các ca sĩ hát.

July 15, 2017



Các ngư dân muốn các ca sĩ hát


is '..Những ca sĩ hát' okay?

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According to my experience in Duolingo, những and các are usually interchangeable. For those only one of them is accepted, các is usually for people, những for the others. I use this strategy to increase my chance of getting correct.


This is accepted now


So why is các wrong for các ngủ dân


So I guess my reply got deleted? All I was trying to say was that this sentence feels clumsy in English. 'The clowns want the jugglers to juggle' would be cumbersome and redundant in English; the sentence works, but I'd never use it. Id be more inclined to say something like 'The clowns want the jugglers to get to work.'

Which is, yes, another idiom, but it still feels a bit more... succinct? Still, this is fine, because it made me slow down.


2/1/2020 cac still not accepted

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