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Progress updates: 260 day streak. German L20.

Updates to progress:

18Aug: 260 day streak. 641 XP from Level 21. 36 lessons remaining (9 skills remain of 123). 58% fluency. Vocab at 2151 words. Total XP: 16359

13 August 2017: 255 day streak. 1226 XP from level 21. Vocab at 2061. 58% fluency. Total XP: 15774

07 August 2017: 249 day streak. 65 lessons/15 skills remaining to complete the tree. Level 20. Fluency: 57%. Vocabulary: 1936 words. Total XP: 15039

I am just posting these progress updates to share data for those who like seeing how many words you might have at a certain level, or how many points - something like that. I make a note whenever I hit a new level, a milestone in terms of my streak, etc. (07 Aug: For what it's worth, for the past several weeks I have been more focused on keeping the tree gold than on advancing through new lessons. Just within the past week I have completed 6 skills, or about 25 additional lessons.)

15 July 2017: 227 day streak(since 29 November 2016). I have 68 lessons / 16 skills remaining to finish the tree. Level 19. 57% fluency. Vocabulary: 1839 words. 13504 total XP.

July 15, 2017



Congrats! Keep doing your good work!


That's inspiring :D Keep it up!


Keep up the good work!


Wow! That's amazing


How much do you study each day?


I almost always do my DuoLingo time in the early mornings, after my morning meditations, before I start checking emails and news. I have done as little as just getting my 20 XPs in a day to keep my streak going, but when I have felt energized, have done as many as 300 XPs. As you can see, I only average 60 XPs per day -- so maybe 20 minutes or so.

I have focused on keeping my streak going to have consistency, and for the past several weeks have focused more on keeping all skills gold rather than beginning new lessons at a fast pace.


Thank you for your great input! I'm trying to catch up to the part where my German proficiency is at. So far, it's been real fun and I treat it like a revision to remember some words and sentence patterns that I've forgotten. Seems worth doing so to learn other new languages. :)

All the best, press on!

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