"Statele Unite ale Americii construiește multe avioane."

Translation:The United States of America builds many airplanes.

July 15, 2017

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Isn't it 'build' instead of 'builds'? I thought 'the United States of America' was plural...


Because it's a singular entity, it's treated as a singular noun. Here's a long answer on it.

But as a native Romanian speaker, I also find it weird to see the singular verb conjugation in Romanian.


I am agreed with both of you, just I want to add that in another case, Duolingo used plural after SUA in a Romanian sentence. I will make and add when I spot it, because I do not remember it now. Maybe the "mistake" was made because the original sentence was in English and the translation was made automatically...


My Romanian boyfriend just says it is simply wrong.


Not 100% sure, but wouldn't "The USA is building a lot of airplanes" work as well?


The fact that "Statele Unite ale Americii construiesc multe avioane" should be accepted (and also probably the default answer [1]) has been pointed out three years ago and this answer still isn't accepted.

[1] The Google search "statele unite ale americii construieste" returns a single valid result (namely "Statele Unite ale Americii construieste Salomon Super 8 Snowboard 2018", on an e-commerce site), whereas "statele unite ale americii construiesc" gives hundreds of valid sentences from news websites ("Statele Unite ale Americii construiesc două baze în provincia Manbij din nordul Siriei"; "Informațiile false că Statele Unite ale Americii construiesc obiective militare în Republica Moldova"; "Pentagonul a confirmat faptul că Statele Unite ale Americii construiesc părți ale unei noi rachete de croazieră"; etc)

In addition to that, the Wikipedia article "Statele Unite ale Americii" uses both the singular and the plural form, but the plural form seems to be consistently favored, except when immediately followed by a singular noun, as in "Statele Unite este o țară".

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