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"Statele Unite ale Americii construiește multe avioane."

Translation:The United States of America builds many airplanes.

July 15, 2017



Isn't it 'build' instead of 'builds'? I thought 'the United States of America' was plural...


Because it's a singular entity, it's treated as a singular noun. Here's a long answer on it.

But as a native Romanian speaker, I also find it weird to see the singular verb conjugation in Romanian.


I am agreed with both of you, just I want to add that in another case, Duolingo used plural after SUA in a Romanian sentence. I will make and add when I spot it, because I do not remember it now. Maybe the "mistake" was made because the original sentence was in English and the translation was made automatically...


Not 100% sure, but wouldn't "The USA is building a lot of airplanes" work as well?


"aircraft" is more natural in this context.

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