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I just cannot Grasp what the lady is saying even at snail pace

July 15, 2017



You need to work on your listening and pronunciation skills, unless the audio has been cut off or any other problems like that.

You can disable listening exercises in the settings.


Lots of people complain about this at first. At the beginning it will take some time. Just keep trying and you will be fine. It can help to not look at the screen until you have heard and really tried to understand each sentence as spoken. Then look at the sentence and see how you did.

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This does take some time. As you get better at listening, it will gradually get better. (The female speaker has some oddities in her pronunciation, too.)


I have the same problem. I just keep playing it over until I can hear certain syllables or vowels. like at the end. Don't know about your language but in Spanish, it's important to be able to hear the vowels, that way you can tell between words that may sound alike.

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