"Grădinarul vorbește cu tâmplari."

Translation:The gardener speaks with carpenters.

July 15, 2017



I expected to be told I'd made a mistake when I wrote"the gardeners", but a natural English translation would almost always include the definite article with carpenters, even if the Romanian doesn't.

October 18, 2017


gard-/grăd-: There is an ancient etymological link between garden and city/home/castle as in Belgrade, Asgard, Hradčany (Prague castle).

tâmplar ~ Lat. templum (temple - as sanctuary and on the forehead as "cut out" special sections)

July 15, 2017


That is true about gard/grad "root'; I forget now which basic word(s) in Swedish (!) use it. I also see a clear connection to the Knights Templar in the word for carpenter. I have a feeling no other language appreciates this connection with such "usage".

August 10, 2018
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