"Grădinarul vorbește cu tâmplari."

Translation:The gardener speaks with carpenters.

July 15, 2017

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I expected to be told I'd made a mistake when I wrote"the gardeners", but a natural English translation would almost always include the definite article with carpenters, even if the Romanian doesn't.


If you still are not si familiar with Romanian language, it is ver hard to guess the word grădinarul. I heard something like gurudinarul.....


gard-/grăd-: There is an ancient etymological link between garden and city/home/castle as in Belgrade, Asgard, Hradčany (Prague castle).

tâmplar ~ Lat. templum (temple - as sanctuary and on the forehead as "cut out" special sections)


That is true about gard/grad "root'; I forget now which basic word(s) in Swedish (!) use it. I also see a clear connection to the Knights Templar in the word for carpenter. I have a feeling no other language appreciates this connection with such "usage".


Terrible audio on templari. Sounds like cumplari.


Talks to instead of speaks with?


Vorbește - options given: speaks is speaking is talking

Why not 'talks'?

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