"Periferiile orașelor sunt mai sărace."

Translation:The outskirts of the cities are poorer.

July 15, 2017

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Why would they not accept: The peripheries of the cities are poorer? They are talking of the peripheries as it is a synonym of outskirts...


why is oraș a city in some sentences and a town in others?


Different languages and so cultures divide habitations of different sizes or importance into different groups so that word in Romanian covers conurbations of sizes we might call town or city in English (and this cut off in English is not necessarily made by the same criteria East and West of the bog pond Atlantic or by different people withing the UK. Some here in the UK would say a city has a cathedral and a town doesn't) We can have similar difficulty in English between village and town. Our village has a town hall but no town council. I don't know what Americans might think of Bellingham, Northumberland but am quite sure it is smaller than Bellingham, Washington.


@Duolingo, 12.10.2021: "Periferiile" = "the suburbs" shall be accepted.

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