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I've finished all the duolingo exercises and now I want to strengthen all of them and get them all gold. I've got a question: where should I start strengthening? At the beginning or at the end or should I just strengthen which ever exercise I want? First I just Always strengthened from the beginning but that takes a lot of time, and by that time I forget all the last exercises. I thought it might be easier if I strengthened starting from the end. What would you suggest?

1 year ago



I found it best to work methodically from the top and have so far kept a golden tree now for many months, occasionally having to restrengthen Basics when I get pronouns wrong. This is only my view of course ...

1 year ago

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Congratulations on your golden tree!

What would you suggest?

My favorite way is described in: "Best Way to Make Your Tree Turn Gold and Stay Gold"

Other ways you could improve your French:

Apart from that

  • read a newspaper article every day and try to learn its new words
  • listen to podcasts, watch movies with or without subtitles
  • converse with a native speaker as much as possible
  • write smaller texts, upload them on lang-8.com and let them be corrected by native speakers a.s.o.

There are numerous possibilities. Duolingo will only bring you to an A2/(B1) skill level in reading/writing and A1 (maybe A2) in listening/talking.

Info about language levels:
Read from "Common reference levels".

Good luck.

1 year ago


in my humble opinion It would be wise to praise the fact that one should start from the beginning

1 year ago


Thanks for all the answers!

1 year ago