A postcard

A friend of mine received a postcard written in Belarusian. I could only translate a few words because handwritten cyrillic is still very difficult to understand to me. You can check the postcard here: I know the first line says: Greetings from Belarus. I think the next sentence says something like this guy lives in some little and beautiful town called Velichkovo. I can't understand the rest of the postcard. Could you please help me translating this? I know it's not written in Russian, but it's quite similar.

July 15, 2017


Ohh, so hard to understand that handwrite letters, but i'll try Привет из Беларуси. Примите открытку из небольшого, но очень красивого местечка Слуцка, которому исполнилось 800 лет(?). Всего наилучшего, Виктор.

Greeting from Belarus. Take this postcard from little, but very beautiful place Slutsk (city), which is 800 years old. All the best, Viktor.

Hope i helped you.

July 15, 2017

Thank you very, very, very much :)))))

July 15, 2017

Not 800, but 900

July 15, 2017

Original text: Прывітанне з Беларусі. Прыміце паштоўку з невялікага, але вельмі прыгожага мястэчка Случк, якому споўнілася 900 гадоў! Усяго найлепшага, Віктар.

July 16, 2017
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