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Is romanian hard to learn?

Are there many things like in the slavic languages? (I am native Polish learning russian) Is romanian tree hard or easy to done?

July 15, 2017



Well, Romanian has Slavic, Romance and a bit of Turkish Influence, but it's pretty similar to spanish and portuguese, after all, it's mostly a Romantic Language, and it shares some vocabulary from Slavic Languages and pronunciation from Turkish, but it's still a beautiful language for learning, I highly reccomend it.


thanks, but i see your languages and i am thinking how do you remember vocabulary from these languages without mixing them?


Esperanto, Esperanto is a made-up language that mixes germanic, slavic and romantic languages, so I can see the differences between them, and not confusing them, also, I'm a native Spanish speaker, so Romantic languages are not hard for me, I'm fluent in English, so Germanic languages are not hard for me either, but Slavic languages are another thing, cause they are completely different in Grammar and Vocabulary, but Esperanto has made it easy for me. There are a few exceptions for Esperanto,Hungarian, Turkish, GuaranĂ­, High Valyrian, Irish, Welsh, Vietnamese, Japanese, Swahili and Hebrew don't have similarities with Esperanto, so I have to make an extra effort with them.


I am a native speaker of Romanian, and can understand a bit of other Slavic languages using Romanian. According to Langfocus (youtube channel), Romanian vocabulary is 19% Slavic and its pronounciation is very Slavic and I agree. However the grammar is a bit more Romance but the good thing is that there aren't many gramatical cases. Overall, I think it is pretty easy language which still has irregularities and some of them are also present in Slavic languages (eg. he is-EN;el e/ el este-pronounced yel ye/yel yeste-Romanian;on je-pronounced on ye-Czech).


This is not true. 78 % is Romance vocabulary from Latin and borrowed words from French and Italian (Which is growing), 10.5 % is Slavic, mostly from Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian and Russian, and the rest is a mix of German, Greek, Hungarian and Turkish in this exact order. I watched the video too and he didn't add this false information, don't imply Paul did please... As a Romanian native speak you should've known better, but no worries, I am here to clarify ! :)


I haven't progressed very far with it, but I find that there are definitely some tricky things about the language. Like English, it has influences from a lot of different languages, so you can't rely on knowledge of vocabulary from one area (Romance, Germanic, etc.) to help you remember Romanian words.

Also like English, it has a number of exceptions to its rules. The Tips and Notes for the Plurals skill on Duolingo says that "plural forms have to be acquired when learning each noun". And unlike other languages with gendered nouns, adjectives aren't necessarily modified by both gender and number, but can be by both, either or neither.

It's definitely trickier than other Romance languages (although I find it shares a fair amount with Portuguese), but I see that you're learning Polish, which has the reputation of being one of the most difficult European languages to learn.


i am native polish and i live in Poland yet :)


i learn english, spanish, russian, danish, romanian and german in school.


I am native Bulgarian speaker (Slavic language) and I am fluent in Bulgarian/English. In my opinion Romanian is not difficult at all. Many people I've met are surprised that I understand it because it has a reputation of being difficult, but it really isn't. It is probably a bit harder than the other Romance languages as it is more different, but I don't think it's nearly as hard as most Slavic languages.

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    I had the same doubt man. I'm currently learning Spanish and Esperanto and after I learn these two I was wondering what language could I possibly learn. At first I thought "Hmm, Italian is a good bet" then I saw on Langfocus channel the video about Romanian and it got me. It was the first time hearing how Romanian sounds and I fell in love. Yesterday I was watching some lessons on Youtube, just for fun, basic stuff like how to introduce yourself, how to apologize... and then I was like "This is like Portuguese man" (my native language) and today I watched this documentary on Netflix, Chuck Norris vs Communism and the only thing I could pay attention was how beautiful Romanian sounds. Now I've decided, I will learn Romanian. (:


    oh, thanks for mentioning the movie! My Romanian boyfriend is super excited about watching it now. Mersi frumos!

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      You should check Umbre. It's a show from HBO Europe and it's all set in Bucarest.


      Its harder than the other romance languages but its still a lot easier than non European languages.


      Romanian native speaker here! Romanian, as a Romance language, has a fairly high amount of commom words with the other Romance language, especially with French and Italian. The tricky thing about Romanian is the grammar, which isn't necessarily hard, but different from the other languages. The grammar is very similar to the Latin grammar, because Romanian, unlike the other Romance languages, has kept the basics of Latin. There are also some Greek influences on the grammar. Also the loanwords from other languages might make Romanian seem intimidating, but I can assure you it isn't hard ! Fun fact: Romanian is about 1800 years old ! <3


      Romanian is a helluva lot easier to learn than Mandarin, I'll tell you that much. I've been learning mandarin ever since I could talk and I still wouldn't consider myself fluent. Far from it, actually, and it's my native language!!


      Concerning the other Romance languages, it is fairly easy to continue from one language to another, and even guess what a text says, but Romanian is definitely a different thing. Perhaps I should change my attitude if I think that as a Romance language it should not be that different from the others. The western Romance languages have even later adopted material from Latin, which apparently has made them closer than the languages would be if they only were based on the stage of people's speech that had developed in the different countries. I agree that, on the other hand, Romanian has preserved certain Latin features better than the western cousins, like a part of the case system. When I first made acquaintance with the Romanian language, some features seemed quiet odd, like the feminine article o. Duolingo has made language slightly less weird.


      i'm learning it and i find it easy :)

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