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"We like the idea that she went to the museum."

Translation:Nous aimons l'idée qu'elle soit allée au musée.

July 15, 2017



I used "est allee" instead of "soit allee" in this sentence and I'm not sure what the difference is.


Soit is the subjunctive version of est. The introductory clause (nous aimons...que) dictates that the subjunctive tense follow.


Subjonctive is necessary here.


The pull down prompts ONLY indicate that "est allee" is the correct option. The "soit allee" option is not even given as a possible translation. Therefore, "est allee" should be accepted as a correct translation.


Subjonctive is necessary here.

Je pense qu'elle est allée... (indicative after "penser")

Mais : j'aime l'idée qu'elle soit allée. (subjonctive)

French is a bit difficult sometimes.


How about rewriting the pull-down prompt rather than the French language?


Why do you use soit here?


It is the third person conjugation of the verb être in the subjunctive mood

The subjunctive mood is used to express actions or ideas which are subjective or otherwise uncertain: want, emotion, doubt, possibility, necessity, judgment. It is nearly always found in dependent clauses introduced by que or qui, and the subjects of the dependent and main clauses are usually different.

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