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"I take out money from the wallet."


July 15, 2017



Why not saifu kara okane wo? Would that not be the same?


That order seems to be accepted now (saifu kara okane wo + verb), so you must have been right!


Why does this use から instead of に? And why is money before wallet? Following the other examples, wallet would come first.


から = from. You would use に if you were putting money into the wallet [お金をさいふに入ります].

Japanese is an extremely flexible language; sentence order doesn't matter much. So long as your verb is at the end and your particles are attached to the proper words/phrases, you can shuffle things around without issue.


May I explain how about the case that unmovable? There are people who know about flexibility of Japanese language. And they know the correct position of the verb as well. For example in the 'お金を私の白い財布から出します', some words can move. ’お金を’ can replaces '私の白い財布から'. And '私のお金を白い財布から出します' also is correct sentence. But the meaning will change to 'my money' from 'my wallet'. How is it good explanation about the word exist for specific noun?


Oh, that's a good point!

You are talking about possessive phrases right now, and those do need to stay in the proper order. The item that is being possessed must follow the person/item that possesses it + the の particle.

That, like the verb being at the end, needs to be consistent or else the meaning of the sentence will change.



Thank you. But I do not '訂正'. It is not necessary. Because I think your explanation is appropriate and logical. I don't know the English words of grammar. I don't know the words 'possessive phrases' etc. Even though I would have known these I cannot explain like you.

Therefore I thought that I would like to hear it from you.


を is ok too.

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