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  5. "I do not drink milk."

"I do not drink milk."

Translation:Eu nu beau lapte.

July 15, 2017



What is the difference between bei and beau?


(Eu) beau is I drink and (tu) bei is you drink (singular you).

The verb changes based on who is performing the action.

(Noi) bem is we drink and (voi) beți is you drink (plural you).

(El/ea) bea is he/she drinks and (ei/ele) beau is they drink.


(Beau) Eu beau - I drink. (Bei) Tu bei - You drink. (Bea) (Ea) (El) bea - (She) (He) drinks. (Bem) Noi bem - We drinks. (Beți) Voi beți - You drink.

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