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  5. "Riña Dovaogēdo muñe rhaenas."

"Riña Dovaogēdo muñe rhaenas."

Translation:The girl finds the Unsullied's mother.

July 15, 2017



How do I know this isn't "The Unsullied's Girl" ?


The intro text said that it's almost always possessor then possessee.


First, notice the end of each word:

Riña: (it ends in -a, it indicates is the in the nominative case, in other words the subject of the phrase).

Dovaogēdo (remember, the end -o, indicates is in the genitive case, in other words, is the possesor).

Muñe (ends in -e, it indicates is in acusative, it's the Object Complement of the phrase)(just in case: http://writingexplained.org/grammar-dictionary/object-complement).

Rhaenas (it's a verb, that affect subject).

So you have Subject of the phrase + genitive + object complement + verbs (affecting the subject

Note: Remember that each word has different ends according to their genre.

I hope this helped you. I tried to simplify as much as possible.

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