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Technical Issue

When I practice to build up my strengths, per category, it does not upgrade. Ex: I practiced my "Places" skills and as of today (July 15, 2017) it should be upgraded to 5/5, not as shown 4/5. I need to see that this practice is done so that can attempt to make progress. FYI- This is the third time this has happened this week. Thank you.

July 15, 2017



The skill strength is an average of the strength of the words in that skill. As not all words come up in a single practice, or even in many practices, it is possible that there is still a word or a number of words with low strength which is bringing the average down.

In general, redoing the individual lessons of the skill will mean a greater number (which should be all, but sometimes perhaps isn't all) of the words will be strengthened. Getting a word wrong many times will lower its strength and accordingly lower the average.


Even if you did the practice, the strengthen depends on how many you got correct out of 20. If you got none correct, that would reflect on the category's strength.


Well, thank you BlahBlah7137. I think I got 3 wrong, maybe 4, and your comment makes sense. I appreciate it!


Are you saying that you redid all the lessons in the Places skill?


No, I strengthen my skills under the "strengthen" skills tab.

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