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Number of lessons for each course taught from Spanish

Do you intend to begin a new course from Spanish?, Here a little summary about how many units and how many lessons it has each of them. Of course if you multiply the number of lessons by 10 you have the amount of XP that you need to complete the whole tree.

Italian Units:66 Lessons: 405

Portuguese Units:69 Lessons: 403

English Units:91 Lessons: 399

French Units:68 Lessons: 353

German Units:72 Lessons:348

Català Units:63 Lessons:316

Guaraní Units:70 Lessons:274

Esperanto Units:48 Lessons:265

July 15, 2017



Thank you! Interesting that the Italian from English and Italian from French trees also have 405 lessons.

(if you'll bear an unsolicited English correction: "pretender" doesn't translate as "pretend" here; it'd be "intend")


thanks for correcting me! I really appreciate it


English Units:91 Lessons: 399


The Spanish-English (from Spanish) tree expanded too!

Hard facts

  • Skills: 151+3 (not +2)
  • Lessons: 571+8 (not +5)
  • Duolingo Lexemes (lexemes_ids): 3455+37
  • Lexemes: around ~2747/2749 lexemes (only four users have finished their ES-EN tree)


Yes, I completed all of them (bar Guaraní) and I got the impression that Italian was the longest one ( I didn't realize that Portuguese was that long too, though).

I think the longest tree I have completed so far is maybe German from English (I think it may have around 500 lessons or so).


I've got the impression the trees teaching Italian have unusually long lessons (like 20 instead of 7 sentences most of the time). Could be why it seemed longer than Portuguese. Granted, I base this on other to-Italian trees, not the Spanish-based one.


absolutly!, but I think the Norwegian is the longest, I am waiting for the tree 2.0 in Swedish, I hope It gets close


My thoughts are with you; the release of a tree 2.0 in Swedish will really grab me! If I'm thinking correctly, it was started roughly a year ago, but the progress has been a bit slow because the contributors haven't had much time.


Is the current Swedish tree 2.0 or still 1.0?


As far as I know, It is still 1.0

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