ș and ț here it first says

S-comma (not to be confused with Ş - S-cedilla)

T-comma (not to be confused with Ţ - T-cedilla)

but then right after that when it gives the conjugation for a fi it uses ş and ţ in tu eşti and voi sunteţi even though they said they shouldn't be confused

please fix this

July 15, 2017


yeah, I reported that too... a big problem of duo is that there is no feedback for the grammar briefs at the beginning of the chapters, so no way to report mistakes. I usually use the report button in the first lesson, first sentence, and write the suitable comment to refer the gods-to-be to the mistake in the explanations section, because they are busy guys, do not have time to read all these thousand of comments we post all around...

July 18, 2017

I wouldn't blame lack of time as much as the building team has tired out and kinda died on it's own (me included)... it's part of the course building process, the current team is in a state of limbo where we are anticipating new applications for people who want to contribute further to the course by making these modifications.

August 2, 2017
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