"The knights see the mighty Unsullied."

Translation:Azantyssy kostōbe dovaogēdi urnesi.

July 15, 2017

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what is mentyssy? i've never seen that before and it keeps telling me that it is one of the answers


I didn't see that word, but according to the Dothraki wiki mentyssy means soldiers.

edit: I see it now. It seems they changed the options for this exercise but now they've swapped out azantyssy for mentyssy even though this is a word that has not appeared in the course yet.


I got this one wrong for not selecting "Azantyssy kostōbī dovaogēdī urnessisi". Is "urnessisi" the same as "urnesi"?


I also had a "check all the right answers" question with "urnessisi" as the verb in the two "right" answers. This has got to be an error.


I thought so. "Urnessisi" is a valid conjugation of "urnegon" (apparently called the indicative active aorist 3rd person plural) according to the dothraki wiki but I have no idea what it means x)


Huh, where in the wiki is that? When I look up the indicative active aorist 3pl for a vowel-final verb with "e" as the theme vowel (ōregon being the sample verb on the wiki), it says that the conjugation should be "urnessi." Are you looking somewhere else? It'd be great if we could get Dedalvs to respond, because if that verb chart is wrong, it should be fixed...


I'm looking in the same place as you. https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Verb_Tables#E-stems

ōresi becomes ōressisi in the aorist, so urnesi would become urnessisi. That is my assumption at least.


Ah, see, you're not looking in the same place. I'm looking here: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Verb_Conjugation#Aorist

Thanks for this discussion! Time for me to make an account and tell someone there's an inconsistency so they can sort it out I guess... :P

Edit: The wiki is giving me trouble in making an account and I've found a note on MadLatinist's page indicating that the page I was using is actually known to have errors... so... yeah. Thanks for linking me the verb tables page! :)

I still think it's weird that this question gave us an Aorist tense verb when we hadn't been taught it yet.


Does anyone know when/in what context the Aorist is used?


it is a verb form used to express an action that has finished in the near past. if the door opened and someone pointed that out right after saying the door opened. the verb open here would be put in aorist form in languages that use it.

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