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Use of 'kein' for 'der' words

Wondering why 'kein' is used for 'der Stern' in 'das ist kein Stern' and the same for 'der Schuh' in 'das ist kein Schuh,' but for 'der Wein' it is 'Wir trinken keinen Wein'

Shouldn't this be 'keinen' for 'schuh' and 'stern' also?

July 15, 2017



Das ist kein Wein. Wir trinken keinen Wein.
You have different grammar cases in both sentences, nominative for the predicate "kein Wein" in the first sentence and accusative for "keinen Wein" in the second sentence. You might find something interesting here: https://en.m.wikibooks.org/wiki/German/Level_I/Essen in the section "Accusative Case".


Keinen is used in the accusative.

Kein is used in the nominative.

With "das ist kein Stern", there is no action to set it into accusative to cause the "keinen".

Keinen is only used for the accusative case, and before masculine nouns only.

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