"Ābra taobe urnes."

Translation:The woman sees a boy.

July 15, 2017



It's kind of funny, that how on duo, it often says stuff like the boy, the man etc, but that's exactly what jaken agar talks like, also from this show

July 15, 2017


What's the difference between taoba and taobe?

April 14, 2018


Taobe is the accusative form of the noun, meaning it's the one on the recieving end of the action. For example, "the boy sees the girl" would be "Taoba riñe urnes" with Taoba in its normal form and Riña in the accusative, while "the girl sees the boy" would be "Riña taobe urnes" with the roles reversed.

It might be worth to note that because the subject (the one doing the action) and the object (the one recieving the action) have different forms, you can swap their places without changing the subject, so "Taoba riñe urnes" and "Riñe taoba urnes" are both valid translation for "the boy sees the girl"

July 21, 2018
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