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Recognizing some very helpful community members

Hi! For the past several days, it's been really heartwarming and inspiring to see certain, helpful, kind, polite, and generous community members who will commonly welcome others in the forums, answer different questions, or help other members who are a bit confused. People's deep actions can really help others, and that's the amazing and astounding quality about the Duolingo community. Certain users have been so respectable and sincere with their helpfulness and essential comments.

To start off, I would to give a big thanks to the forum moderators and the course contributors, for their hard work in making Duolingo possible. Each donate countless hours to help build courses and help others in discussion forums. Thanks to the people who clean out the sentence forums when thy become cluttered!

I would also like to thank Aria487! Even though this user isn't active much, they've sometimes been very helpful to people, and it's always great to see Aria helping out with other members. This users was nice to me from the first week I joined Duolingo, and they have made a huge contribution to the community.

Lastly, I would like to also thank Speir_, who just been so helpful and kind to others. Although Speir has only been on for a month and a half, they quickly were able to answer others questions and be one of the greatest community members I've ever recognized. Speir has alsod donated quite a few hours, answering questions, helping confused members, welcoming new members, and being generous and dedicated. Speir is someone you can trust; working in collaboration is something he can do. His great contributions have impacted the community a lot, and I just want to thank Speir!

And their are so many others! Everyone has been nice to each others, but these users (counting the moderators) have been an enormous help to the community. Please, thank these awesome community members for their work and effort they've put in to make this community such a great place!

July 15, 2017



When I think of Community, I think of it as a verb, something people do. It takes building and ongoing maintenance. The members of the Duolingo community daily reinforce this concept. We have a very helpful, considerate group here. One of my favorite things is when I see someone arrive, who is completely new and unfamiliar with the norms here, and others step up and welcome them with warmth and encouragement.

When I was brand new, the very first interaction I had was someone being rough with me because I'd violated a community norm that I wasn't yet familiar with. (I created a post asking when Japanese would be arriving. :P)

So, thank you Aria and Speir, and to everyone who is warm in their welcome of new folks. :)


Thank you / Gracias a forum moderators and the course contributors. Sometimes I am shocked about how smart,through,and well written the post are here. I am to start taking screen shots of the best answers I see and make a best of collection collage photo.Also this is the first forum that i have ever been apart of and I love it! Now i gotta find out how to attach little emojis to my post.


I agree with Cody. This is very deep. Thank you helpful people!


it is amazing how nice and considerate people are

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