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How can I protect my streak if I am going away?

[deactivated user]

    I was wondering if anybody has any tips for how you can protect your streak if you are going away to a place without internet. Thanks

    July 16, 2017



    If you're going to have a good, strong, dependable telephone signal, you can do lessons on the app. But be aware that anything less than a rock solid connection will cause your phone to tell you "Great! You reached your goal for the day!" while, alas, the servers don't get the message and your streak is lost :'(

    Other than that, heed SilverCharacter's advice :D


    This is going to happen to me shortly, as I shall be away for two weeks.


    You could buy the Streak Freeze in the Store, but be aware that it only freezes your streak for 24 hours. If you are going away for more than that time, you could give a trusted friend or family member your account info and let them buy new streak freezes or practice one lesson for you.


    Suppose that I am already present in front of my laptop at home,but occupied by other serious work,can I ask store to renew my freezing versus another 20 lingots? is it necessary to be AFTER the passage of the previous 24 hours freezing? how can I assure my proper time for refreezing?


    I have just lost a 279 day streak due to taking a holiday. Annoying but it doesn't really interfere with your progress in language learning


    If you are able to use your mobile phone 1x a day:

    • Buy a 4G / LTE internet bundle.
    • set your coach to a maximum of 10 XP a day
    • do one lesson or strengthening per day
    • Also check each day, whether the streak freeze is still present.
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