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"Actually, the men and the women are happy."

Translation:Drīvose vali ābrī kirini issi.

July 16, 2017



Hmm why is it in this case we use Drīvose and not drējī?


What is the difference between using kirine and kirini?


Kirine is singular, kirini is plural


Why do we drop the "se" for and between vali and ābrī?


From the notes in the first skill: "High Valyrian doesn't use a word like "and" when coordinating two nouns or two adjectives. Instead, the last word in a pair trio of nouns, adjectives, or even verbs is modified in some way to indicate that it is participating in a coordinative structure. One common strategy is to lengthen the final vowel of the last word in a list and shift the word's stress to the end."


Wait, it just happens when it's the verb "to be", note. You will learn the accusative case after a while and you'll see situations you will need to use se between nouns.

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