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"Actually, the men and the women are happy."

Translation:Drīvose vali ābrī kirini issi.

1 year ago



Why do we drop the "se" for and between vali and ābrī?

1 year ago


From the notes in the first skill: "High Valyrian doesn't use a word like "and" when coordinating two nouns or two adjectives. Instead, the last word in a pair trio of nouns, adjectives, or even verbs is modified in some way to indicate that it is participating in a coordinative structure. One common strategy is to lengthen the final vowel of the last word in a list and shift the word's stress to the end."

1 year ago


Wait, it just happens when it's the verb "to be", note. You will learn the accusative case after a while and you'll see situations you will need to use se between nouns.

10 months ago


Hmm why is it in this case we use Drīvose and not drējī?

1 month ago