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Most of You Will Skip this Post, So Open!

[deactivated user]

    Zdravo svima! That means 'hey everyone' in Croatian. I would love for you, yes I mean you reading this post, to give it a vote because I would absolutely LOVE for somebody to create a Croatian tree. I have been wanting to learn it for maybe three years now, and I have started with Tinycards learning the basics of Serbian. (Croatian and Serbian are almost the same thing). Tinycards is great for flashcard but not my go to website to learn a language ;-). So even if you don't care about Croatian/Serbian please give it a vote and if you would like to learn comment and vote for it! I would appreciate all the support. I feel like a YouTuber, saying "So give it a big thumbs up!" ;-) -Daniela; EllaW25

    July 16, 2017



    I'm from Croatia and hope that they make Croatian tree baecuse it's realy interesting language but it't very hard so I hope you don't give up


    How do I give it a vote?


    Check out the guide Lrtward linked, find the link to the post for Croatian (it's listed alphabetically under S, for Serbo-Croatian) and click the little upward pointing arrow between the number and the date. You've succeeded when the number turns green.

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