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Don't Give Up

This is sort of cheesy, but I feel as if we could all use the encouragement once in a while. ;) and ths doesn't apply to just language learning

Sometimes, in the hardness of learning a language you sort of... want to give up. Unfortunately, I, too gave up a few months ago, and after I got on I felt ashamed seeing people with a thousand day streak, because I felt like I could never be that good, and maybe I never would. But that is now my goal.

But we all can become fluent in a language. We all can overcome obstacles, climb mountains, run a mile, write a book, travel the world, swim the deepest, darkest seas. The world is a giant place with people who have succeeded in the hardest, most grueling challenges- they ran ultra marathons, became fluent in 7+ languages, they lifted weights most than triple their own weight.

Humans have flown to the moon! They have sent robots to Mars! They explored miles into the unknown expanse of the earth. And we are humans. So who says we can't learn a language? The part of your brain that thinks pessimistically whenever you start to workout, or pass by a free cupcake when you're on a diet.

But start to think that you can do anything! Because you can.

So don't give up. Comment if you've ever felt like you've wanted to give up, and why?

July 16, 2017



When I lost my first streak of 150+ I was extremely discouraged, and did not even want to go back on Duolingo where that "0" day streak could taunt me. But then I found a post where a fellow Duolingoer lost their 300th streak and said that all they lost was a number and they had gained in the process 300 days of language knowledge. That really encouraged me to go on and not give up.


I just started learning a second language and feeling like that is a little bit of a fear for me since I have a bad habit of letting things go too soon but this was hella motivating to be honest. Good post m'dude.


Thanks... I just felt really motivational today... thanks for the comment!


Thanks for the encouraging words and best of luck with your language learning journey. :)


The first language on Duolingo I studied was Swedish, and for the longest time I kept making mistakes with their system of definite articles (e.g. "a dog" = "en hund" but "the dog" = "hunden" and "the dogs" = "hundarna"). But I kept at it and eventually it was much more natural to me.

So yes, if you keep making mistakes, eventually you'll master it!


Yeah... that's true. I tell myself that whenever I make a mistake.


I'm actually not joking, if this is removed, I will LEGIT LEAVE DUOLINGO. This was so motivating. Thank you.


I am welcome. :)


I lost a streak of over a hundred days. Sometimes I just don't feel like doing anything. But I do notice if I push myself to do something on those days I feel better on the days when my interest returns. If I can study when my interest is low, it proves to me I can study anytime.


Thanks for your encouraging words Sleason. And good on you, loosing along streak is tough!

I managed to keep going when I lost my 250 odd day streak, but a couple of times when the lessons seemed to be getting very hard and long I thought about giving up. Its a bit dispiriting when your getting a lot of answers wrong and your not sure why, or if you can't remember words because you are tired. But I used a streak freeze a couple of times, and managed to find some helpful souls who had explained my mistakes on the discuss questions tab. So now I'm up to a 131 days again, and more importantly, can actually read quite a lot of things in Danish now.


Thanks that was extremely encouraging! I can't believe how you came up with that. I will now try to work harder in Duolingo. I will gift you Lingots for the encouragement, thanks.


Thank you! That is much appreciated!


u have an amazing profile picture. how did u get it!


Thank you! You could try looking up cool fox pictures or something


Duolingo has to revise it's policy towards streak freezing.Duolingo put us in front of two obligatory choices: either loose your streaks or be addict to duolingo ! Dialy activities are a lot,and we want a little bit to be free from duolingo without punishment.

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