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Which courses have you been waiting for or longing for on Duolingo?

Hi, I was just curious about this topic for a while now.

I've been longing for a Cebuano/Bisaya and Tagalog course for English speakers so I can understand some of my relatives.

I've also been waiting for a Chinese Mandarin course because I've been interested in the language.

So what languages have you been waiting for?

July 16, 2017



Finnish, seriously! (I visit Finnish Lapland fairly regularly) :-)

Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi (to complete the most spoken list) :-)


Hey, I know this is irrelevant to this discussion, but I was just interested in how you manage to learn so many languages. Obviously, it must take a lot of time; however, I was just wondering, do you ever forget some languages and how many languages would you consider yourself fluent in? This is purely out of curiosity and aspiration. Thanks.


I wish we still had streams to chat on... Anyhow:

Of course I haven't learnt them all, only completed the trees (and all of their combinations and ladders :-p). Of course I also forget them, I only do a couple of trees at a time and duo keeps bringing out new ones. But in the rare periods where I can go back to the ones I'm particularly interested in (Irish or Turkish, for example), I find that they aren't all completely lost and really enjoy refreshing them.

As for fluency: I'm only fluent in my mother tongues (English and Spanish), and to a certain extent in German (after 20 years of living in Germany, working for a German company). The other languages would occupy the complete spectrum from "I honestly believe I could become fairly fluent quite easily in them with a bit of immersion" (romance languages, Scandinavian languages, Dutch) to "bejaysus this one would take ages" (Vietnamese, Hebrew) :-)


Thanks a lot. I might start learning some more when I have completed these trees. I was just afraid I might just forget them all


I'd recommend learning as many as you can rather than just the popular ones. Have a go at some less popular ones like Turkish or Russian. Polish is meant to be good to and Czech is coming soon too so that's definitely an interesting one! Also I can;t recommend learning Esperanto enough! Have a read about why here: https://www.fluentin3months.com/2-weeks-of-esperanto/


What about Urdu?


Or even Hindustani? :-)


(Off topic) Lapland! I don't visit regularly however I've been there twice, and it's beautiful. Lucky you [:


Not regularly enough :-)


I know... It was Swedish Lapland last February, but will be Finland again this December :-D


Great! :-) I assume you'll be flying "the wrong route" as usual, though?


Unfortunately yes, direct :-/


Arabic, and Finnish of course.

And Russian from Turkish, and Swedish from Russian which sadly seem to have stalled in the incubator.


I'd love Icelandic


Well, in English, Duolingo seems to have tons of options. I understand they don't have all the languages that they could, but they have a wide selection, and all most people will want.

But, there are courses in other languages that they don't have many in. As an example, there are only 3 courses in German. So I would like Duolingo to continue to open up the selection for all the languages they offer, and I know that'll take time.

Mandarin Chinese sounds awesome, and I would like to see that one as well!



Māori. Not even on the cards yet though AFAIK.


Mandarin - the most spoken language ought to be on Duolingo, right?


It isn't most widely spoken, rather, most spoken :)


Most ideally: I want Amharic and I want Moroccan, Tunisian, Sudanese, Yemeni, and Syrian Arabic.

More realistically: I want MSA Arabic.


Arabic is a good one!


Latin, Arabic, Finnish, Icelandic, Gothic, Korean, Indonesian are languages I want to see here. I know that Korean will be released in August. I looked forward to Hebrew, Greek and Japanese. It's good that they are here now.


Czech. My great grandfather lived in Czechoslovakia so I thought learning Czech would be a great way to restore all that. As well as that I've also been eager to check out Korean and see what it's like.

A course that isn't in the incubator that I'd like to see is Finnish. I've heard it's hard but I've been learning Hungarian which isn't too bad, and it looks like a cool language so I'd love to see it on DL! It'd be cool to see some English creole languages though like Belizean Creole or Tok Pisin, they interest me a lot.


Finnish, Icelandic, Bulgarian, Scottish Gaelic


I would like to see more Slavic languages like Serbian, Pannonian Rusyn and Belarusian... Just all of them!


I'm looking forward to Finnish, Slovenne, and Maori.

[deactivated user]

    The Czech course.. and the future Zulu course.


    Finnish ;-) - please do not take this serious, I am learning Turkish, that's enough at the moment...


    Latin. I already take at school, but I'd like to improve my Latin. It's easy, so I'm actually surprised Duolingo doesn't have it. Even if it is a dead language, since I'm learning it it makes Spanish easier since it's a Romance language.


    My top ones would be (not in this specific order):

    1. Estonian
    2. Latvian
    3. Lithuanian
    4. Bugarian
    5. Armenian
    6. Azerbaijani
    7. Georgian


    Croatian, Serbian or Bulgarian.


    Oh, and Catalan for ernglush spreakers


    Czech and Korean. Lucky me, both are very close to being released :) :)

    I'm not sure I will be able to juggle four languages though. My Spanish suffers greatly due to me learning French, and my progress in French is painfully slow. We shall see!


    Korean and Thai, mostly.
    I'd love to see Mandarin & Arabic too.


    Chinese Arabic some of the languages from india an Persian.


    Vellem ut lingua latina hic esset!


    Latin, Georgian, Levantine Arabic (MSA will obviously be first, but we can dream, right?)


    I have been longing for an indigenous language course


    Slovak and Rusyn

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