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Practice Button Malfunctioning

I really appreciate Duolingo and I'm learning different languages.

For every language, I use to take a new lesson and then I review an old one. The simplest way to do it is to press the "Practice" button (IOS) or "Strengthen Your Skills" button (PC).

Unfortunately this doesn't work on French. Every two days, it assumes I've forgotten Basic1 and Basic2 skills, and, pressing the button, I should practice "garçon" "fille" "homme" "femme" "calm". .... I can assure you that, after the tenth review, I've learned that words.

Of course there is a turnaround: I may choose manually the old lesson to practice. But the automatic buttons are usually more convenient and more efficient. They work for Spanish German Portuguese Dutch ... why don't they work also on French?

In the other languages the fading rate is much slower. Moreover some oldest faded skill are not considered by "Practice" buttons.

Thank you for attention. And in any case, thank you for Duolingo ... it's great!

July 16, 2017


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