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Review Basics

So I have a complaint about the review system. I think it is a waste of time to review the basic lessons after one has gone well past the basic level. I suppose I could just ignore the reminders, but I have programmed myself to do all the reviews before pushing on to new material. It's an irritating delay to have to review material that is clearly learned.

In a similar vein, I think a better review would be one which mixed up various categories. For example, it would be more useful to recognize the future or past tenses when mixed together with the present.


July 16, 2017



I select the topic that I think needs reviewing and disregard the automatic suggestions: I go to the topic, and click "Strengthen" there.

In this way, my reviewing always remains interesting and tailored to my own progress.

With your second suggestion, I agree. However, I've already seen notes like "You've strengthened Skill XYZ and 3 other skills". So, to some extent, your suggestion already seems to have been implemented.


I did a suggestion similar to yours - but people say you should just individually do it :( Yes, my learning way is the same as yours - go on only after everything is reviewed. But after the web rewrite, it is tougher so I am doing a new lesson and reviewing another every day.

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