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Lingot store

Hi family,

I miss more things in the Lingot store. Duolingo team can you add more new options there?

What do you think?

Thank you!

July 16, 2017



Well, I have many lingots and give them to good and relevant discussions and comments to encourage those who wrote them to continue writing relevant and language related material =)
What more could I whish for?


That's probably the best use once you gain a lot of lingots. I'd still like to see more options. Maybe games that you can play to earn or lose lingots. Idk.

Nice streak btw ^.^


Thanks =) Some games, some bonus lessons, yes, sure that would attract me as well. But not different gears for my owl nor a placement test where I could not see the wrong answers and thus not what I need to learn or repeat ....


I'd like more extra lessons like flirting or idioms


It's already an available skill...

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