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Not picking weak words to practice?

I've been practicing with the strengthen skills a lot lately, but it's not giving me certain troubled words to practice. weak words

I've practiced a lot. It seems to keep giving me the same phrases a lot. Maybe it's because I wasn't getting them right every time.

I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I just sort of think it should help you with the words it thinks you don't know.

Does anyone know how the algorithm works with this sort of thing?

July 16, 2017



You know what? This behavior (not selecting weak words) was well-known even on the old Python portal code! :-)
I started multiple threads and commented on others....

Now with the new Scala backend code the same errors are probably still in.

I lately tested the "Words API" with the Android Flashcard app, which connects to the new DuoLingo portal (username login).
Sorry DuoLingo, just disabling this damn green "flashcards" button in the words register does NOT help :-)

And what shall I tell you?
Strengthening 10-15 words (some correct, some wrong) did not update the "last practiced" column in the words list, only 3 words of them.

I wrote all my tested 15 words down and manually checked the list afterwards.
And like on the old Duo portal, new words just popped up in the flashcards which I even have NOT LEARNED yet :)

So I guess the same add/update backend API logic from "strengthen excercise" is not able to efficiently update your own words learned user / course database.
How shall it ever be able to pick "weak" words when the "last practice" DB field is wrong too??
Maybe it this API is still connecting to old services / code and has not been rewritten already???

I thought the DuoLingo developer team has actually rewritten the Scala code (including backend services?) completely?

IMHO only multiple weekend night session (e.g with lot's of wine - if nothing helps) may be able to find and fix all underlying bugs.
Common, can it be really that hard to jump into cold water and try to focus maybe 3/5 to 10 days....to give it initial a go....on those tests and tracing/debugging?

In Java I would have tried to mock some backend services (expected method calls, status updates, etc.) and run some JUnit/TestNG/whatever automatic tests incl. out-of-boundaries.
Is there no way like that with the existing services and code parts?

But I am German...maybe little bit of a perfectionist and I feel really bad seeing all those bugs (still) laying around (throwing away the potential of the system)....I am probably too naive....;)

Is it really that hard to debug through a backend program on a dedicated developer/test system (I just have used developer in-JVM and JVM remote debugging with Java; not Python/Scala).
Can't take too long to check some DEBUG logs what the backend code is actually updating and selecting???

I just use Memrise to efficiently review my words.....with many many user scripts (e.g from the community and Cooljingle) activated.


Thanks! So I guess this is a bug after all.


For learning words I prefer to use Memrise. Memrise will prefectly remember which words you picked up and how well you remember them


Good idea. Using Duolingo with Memrise would be helpful.


Others have suggested Memrise, and it's quite popular among Duolingo users. I personally prefer ANKI (https://ankiweb.net/). Check them both out and see which you prefer.

Oh, and there's TinyCards, too, by Duolingo: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/


I don't know how the algorithm works, but i face the same problem too.


Sometimes it will eventually throw them up if you strengthen skills often enough, other times you need to find the lesson with the word and re-do that lesson.

Then there are times that it seems nothing will help and the word just sits there on the end of your least recently practiced list :(

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