"Simba haonekani"

Translation:The lion is not visible

July 16, 2017

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Because its negative and present tense. So for example, the verb 'to know' is 'ku-jua' making the sentence 'I know' = Ninajua (najua) but if you wanna say 'I don't know', you have to use to the negative subject prefix and the verb now ends in 'i' (as long as it normally ends in an -a-) and also, the tense marker is dropped making it 'sijui'. In this example, The lion is seen = Simba anaonekana and 'the lion is not seen = simba haonekani.


can this also be ''the lion cannot be seen''?


Yes, now also approved :) (Jan '19)


-a ending turns to -i ending in the negative

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