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  5. How do you use 'voll'?


How do you use 'voll'?

  1. How do you say these sentences in German:

  2. With full of apples

  3. Full apples
  4. Full of apples
  5. You are full of love

Is voll used the same way as genug is used? Example: "Ich trinke genug/voll Milch,". So is it Voll Äpfel? Mit voll Äpfel?

Can someone explain the grammar?

  1. Sometimes, the German language often omits double words like "Sie ist 18 und er 8,". Can you say "Ich war in der Schule und dem Krankenhaus,"?

LG Jason

July 16, 2017



I do not understand what you mean (in English) with your sentences (2) and (3). Perhaps (3) would be "whole apples"? and (2) "with the whole apples"? In that case Hannibal-Barkas suggestions are correct, I think. Easier to remember if you keep in mind "full" ("voll") <> "whole" ("ganz")


full equals voll if you're talking about, say, a battery or a glass of wine - das Glas ist voll. If you're angry with someone who angered you one time too many, then "das Maß ist voll" - it is up to the limit and beyond. Then you can say "genug" or "es ist genug" - it is enough!

Youngsters think that something is "voll gut" which means "really good" (Attention, colloquial usage!). If you're really drunk, then you are "vollgesoffen" or just "voll" (full of alcohol)

For your phrases I can nothing but guess. (2) mit dem ganzen Apfel. (3) ganze Äpfel (4) voller Äpfel oder ganz gefüllt mit Äpfeln (5) voller Liebe oder voll der Liebe (lyrically)

Nope, it is not equal to genug, it is something like filled to the brim. genug Milch is enough of milk, which is your quantum of milk. Vollmilch is whole milk.


why does the last translation uses 'voll' while the rest are 'ganz'?


it is a milk, complete with all the good things they say it has in it. Short for "vollständig"


You're supposed to say "Ich bin satt" when you're full of food, or else it might seem like you're saying you're drunk or loaded :)


you can say "vollgefressen", but this is colloquial and not very nice unless you say it about yourself.

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